“This is a great album...and the fact that it is a live recording makes it all the more amazing.” Bill Wilson 

Mark Cameron Band 

Live At Blues On The Chippewa 

Cop Records LMP-1678 

Straight-ahead house-rockin' boogie kicks this one off beautifully. There is something that works well. when a solid band backs a guitarist who has learned that faster does not equate to better. Add a good harp player to the mix and you have a recipe for success...or, at least, a real good time. Cameron on lead vocals and guitar wrote all the tunes except for Howlin' Wolf's "Killin' Floor." Add Bill Keyes on harp & vocals, Scott Lundberg on bass & vocal, Dan Schroeder on drums and Sheri Cameron on sax, flute, bongos shaker, tambourine, washboard, chimes, female vocals and the kitchen sink...if that's that it takes to get the job done. This is a band in the truest sense of the word. They have worked together long enough to hone their skills, get synced up and learn who they are in relationship to one another and know where a tune is going, even if it goes a bit differently than planned. They are connected in the being a good blues band, they play with passion, from a place within the heart. These tunes are more than simply words and music that someone thought "bluesy"...they are slices of real life. It is that authenticity that gives blues its power. These are real men and women singing about real-life situations. One of the things that impressed me the most about this band is that they do work together so smoothly. All too often I see bands that sound as if there is a war going on within the band...the guitarist is trying to outshine the harp player, the drummer is attempting to make sure his drums can be heard in the next county, etc. Everyone seems to have a separate agenda. In the case of the Mark Cameron Band, they play as a single unit...each player doing his part, with no showboating. Artists egos take a back seat. The song is the important factor. I was also impressed by the quality of the recording. While this is a live recording, it actually captures the ambience of the evening. The listener actually gets the feeling that they were there when the show was recorded. This is not usually the case with live recordings, but, when it works, it REALLY works. Be prepared to laugh, to cry and to dance until you wear holes in the soles of your shoes. This one's a keeper. - Bill Wilson 


Bill Wilson

Chris Spector 
Midwest Record 


MARK CAMERON BAND/Live at Blues on the Chippewa: A blues challenge winner, this record was a serendipitous, spontaneous affair that happened because his sound man noticed some killer sound equipment laying around when they were waiting to go on for their set. Knobs twisted and here we go. Certainly brimming with only take intensity, this long standing white boy with the blues plays like he has 30 years under his belt without sounding like he’s got 30 years under his belt. Perfectly capturing his live sound, this is the next best thing to being there. Totally hot stuff. 

Volume 40/Number 205 

May 25, 2017 




The Mark Cameron Band review…May 25, 2017…. Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society




The Mark Cameron Band were about to play at Blues On The Chippewa at Memorial Park in Durand, WI, when bass man Scott Lundberg noticed the awesome equipment set-up.  Faster than Joliet Jake could say “Hit It!,” the fellows punched the REC button, and, ’bout an hour later, “Live! At Blues On The Chippewa” was a reality!  Ten originals and a hot cover of “Killin Floor” make up this record, with heavy emphasis on having a good time and pleasing crowds everywhere they go! 

 Mark Cameron, out of Minneapolis, is on vocals and all guitars, and does the writing.  Mr. Lundberg is on bass, Bill Reyes is on harp, Dan Schroeder is on drums, and Sheri Cameron is on flute, sax, percussion, and anything else a song might need. 

The band’s hi-energy sound and Mark’s incredible guitar skills always make them festival favorites, and they get this party started with the irresistible groove of “the blues is goin’ around,” so “Is There A Doctor In The House?”  Bill gets in a fine harp run at mid-song, too.  Things get a little “Dicey” on the funked-up strut of a tune dealing with folks who “go places they ain’t supposed to go,” and “see things they ain’t supposed to see.,” with Sheri on the sax.    They get down ‘n’ dirty with the slow-blues attack of Memphis women and juke joints, and gettin’ “Hammered By The Blues.”  Mark busts out his Resonator for a slide-driven, stompin’ pull of Delta blues straight outta a Mason jar, “You Done Me Wrong,” and cranks up the boogie on the humorous tale of his lover and “puttin’ fancy chrome on a Rusty Old Model T!” 

 We had two favorites, too.  The set closes on a rockabilly note, as Mark’s lover vanishes and turns up later doing the “Back Seat Boogie” in another dude’s car!  And, another cool song about just what makes us click and what makes us “different from the rest–we got mojo,” with a heavy dose of the “Mojo Shuffle1′ 

 The Mark Cameron Band possess that intangible “mojo,” if you will, that puts you in a dancin’ mood, and gives you that good feeling all over.  “Live! At Blues On The Chippewa” puts them right in their element–playing butt-rockin’ blues for a raucous crowd!  Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.