1. Trouble Brewin
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From our sixth album "On a Roll". Charted number 5 on Contemporary blues charts worldwide.


Womans after me sayin, I gotta get a job,
cant you see I’m working real hard?
workin hard at tryin to relax
If you don’t watch what your doin, I think there’s trouble brewin
So now I’m doin my best, to make an honest livin, and now you want me to stop chasing women
Whoa,whoa,whoa let’s just stop right there.
It aint my fault when everywhere I’m goin, good time women want to follow me home
I’m just like an alley cat
Enough about me, tell me what about you,
The money lasts about an hour or two
You got a money tree and then you chop it down
Things go wrong, you run home to mother, you go through men like a hot knife through butter.
It’s just more than you can handle.
And now you want me to quit drinkin,
Tell you what I’ll do, I’ll put that bottle down
One drink after you
That’s exactly what I thought you’d do.

If we don’t watch what we’re doin, I think there’s trouble brewin.