1. 2nd Job

From the recording Back From The Edge

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You run me ragged, don’t you see
Not a day goes by, you don’t get by me.

It’s like I’m standin still, you just pass me up , can’t slow down, I can’t catch up

Cant say nothin,cant say no
Ain’t no stoppin, theres just go
Gotta do it all, by myself
or you’ll just find, someone else

Got myself a second job
doin What the first one, couldn’t do
Got myself a second job,
one that don’t pay nothing but the blues
Tryin to make money, pay my bills
and tryin to keep up with you

If i don’t pedal, fast enough
gonna get run over, by your big mack truck

You keep comin round for more
You could’nt get enough (aint that just my luck)

I can pay for me, I can’t pay for you
From the penthouse to the cellar, you wouldn’t like the view

Tryin to tell you something, we go round and round
Tryin to build it up but it and comes crashin down