From the recording Back From The Edge

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You can’t move, you can’t breath
Ain’t goin nowhere, you just freeze
Don’t let her do like that to you
Unless you want to

If there’s a deal to be made, you know she gonna make it
There’s something that she wants, she damn sure gonna take it
Forget about the rules, if there’s a rule she gonna break it.

Oh She’s smooth, smooth, smooth
She playin you for a fool

You’ll never see it comin
what’d you get yourself into?
You’ll never see it comin
even if you did, it wouldn’t save you

aint no rumor, it’s the truth
aint what she say, its what she do
She gonna hang up out to dry, after she mop the floor with you

She played you for a sucker, any way you spin it
Don’t beat yourself up, there’s one born every minute
Gonna hurt when you come to, It was too good to be true.

She finally wears you down, so how’s this gonna end?
All she got to say is: Well now….. that depends…..

That depends on you.
Oh you’re smooth
You got her where you want her, time to make your move.