From the recording Back From The Edge

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I’ve never been one to be shy
Sometimes you gotta grab it on the fly
Red flags are flyin, wanna point em out to you
Just seems like its the least I could do

You can handle your business, I don’t mean to pry
But this one’s headin south, kinda hard to deny


Time to admit now, it’s lookin like you blew it
It’s goin bad man, that’s all there is to it.

In the morning, it’s one thing or another
Then a different one rolls up, right after supper
Don’t know wear we’re goin, somebody get a map
Then a third one rolls up, for a nightcap

We all heard the stories, they’re all over town
It’s what you been thinkin, might as well say it out loud


I’ve never been one to be shy
This time what you’re onto, just aint gonna fly
aint gonna be like those other planes
This one’s goin down in flames

Better pull the plug, start from scratch
it’s never too late for a seventh chance….