From the recording Back From The Edge

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It’s what you’ve always wanted, they told you what it’s like.
You’re closer than you’ve ever been, Gonna be yours, gonna be yours alright

Aint quite what you thought it was, you’re close enough to see the cracks
And at the very last second, something reaches out and pulls you back

Back from the edge
Back from the edge
Back from the edge

They push you left, they push you right, they push you where they want to go
It used to be yours to decide, but we cant have that, oh no.

Everything you know it melts away, swept up in a rising tide
Instead of helping brother, we turn on each other
Gotta move away, got to try


In a world gone crazy, don’t go crazy too, cause you know what that is,
It’s just exactly, exactly what they want you to do

We’re closer than we’ve ever been, Do we live to fight another day?
The way that we been goin is what got us here, time to turn and head the other way